Welcome to 2017

The year of the Lord Jesus


A Very Long HOP Christmas Sale | Journal

House of Praise, the retail arm of Praise Incorporated, is bringing us a very looooooong Christmas Sale!

My 19th Birthday + JIL Church 36th Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday, I turned 19, and I am so thankful to the Lord for the strength, guidance, blessings, and favor that He has given. Through the years, He remained so faithful and good to me and my family. Though I experienced the most tragic moment in my life this year, my mom’s death, I never felt…

My Hillsong United Concert Experience

A week or two before Hillsong United’s concert here in Manila, Ms. Kaye Catral, the Marketing Manager of House of Praise, posted a giveaway on her blog. The mechanics is to post a selfie with your Hillsong United merchandise. And being a Hillsong enthusiast since year 2008, I am so confident to join. I own…

Flashback: #JIL34

Time passes by so fast, it always seems like yesterday! For my today’s post, I would like to have a flashback, a flashback to sound a trumpet call for the JIL 35th Anniversary! It will be held on the 25th of October 2013, Friday, 5 PM at Luneta Park, Manila. Now the flashback is about…